On-boarding, Training and planning

Too much company time and money are spent on training that appears irrelevant and unmatched to your participants’ needs. With the help of our Human Resource management system, you can define where each participant stand and start from there!

Planning and training must make personal sense

Learning that is relevant to the job must take the participants own background and experience into account to achieve effective human resource planning? When we are learning, we are actually relating new knowledge to our own experience.

Masters system offers to support HR professionals by providing a human resource management and planning system as well as vivid training materials that you cut down on time spent designing job-relevant training programs.

We can enhance your human resource department planning and trainings in areas such as:

  • Management Training
  • Sales Training
  • Talent Management
  • Effective Communication

Training and planning must make organizational sense

In all these training processes, it is crucial to consult stakeholders to ascertain their requirements and the specific needs for training. This assures that participants come back from training with new skills they can apply directly and make a real difference for the company.

All Masters Human Resource management system solutions are brought together on the Metis platform. Metis is designed to help you gauge and report the effect of your training program, and thus you can demonstrate that money allocated for training is money well spent!

Master solutions like MPA and EASI that are included in our Human Resource management system help planning and achieving successful training programs by providing you with quick and insightful access to central themes in peoples’ work lives – starting with themselves.

Solutions like MPA and EASI on the Metis assessment platform provides quick insights to central themes in peoples’ work lives