Strategic HR: Information as a Value Chain

With the rise of Knowledge-Intensive Companies, high performing people and special skills become increasingly important business assets. To meet these challenges, today’s HR managers seek ways to apply strategic HR and produce measurable value-bringing results.

Masters Vision of strategic HR

Highly competitive and globally demanding business settings require optimization of an organization's resources, and this goal has become the focus of leaders at all levels of management.

Imagine activating all the tacit HR data and information that today remains buried and hidden within your organization’s systems - information that can strategically be transformed into decisive knowledge that can ease your task of getting the most out of your company’s HR potential.

Loads of accumulated data and information are gathered as a person moves from applicant, through candidate assessment and becomes a new employee. Then comes the first appraisal and participation in development programs. Company surveys probe into various aspects of the now-experienced employee's points of view, performance drivers and evaluations. Participation in talent management programs adds further to the now massive amount of information gathered, with new career paths, tests, surveys and further development programs. Additional iterations may follow before this person finally leaves the organization.

Strategic HR: The next move is crucial

Masters goal is to help organizations strategically utilize all this accumulated information to improve your HR process for every individual and for the entire organization. We enable you to work strategic with HR and not base decisions on assumptions or hypotheses – but rather on analysis of the significant characteristics demonstrated by proven high performers. This is what the HR Information Value Chain can do for you.

Master can measure and extract information – make it available and useful

The Metis platform is continually being developed to bring information together and enable optimal and flexible strategic processing through seamless and simplified workflows. Masters solutions optimize HR results all along the value chain by providing important information, removing silo-effects, and making optimal use of your data. Master works in close collaboration with customers to ensure that its innovative initiatives move in directions that truly benefit professionals in their daily work with strategic HR.

We enable you to work strategic with HR and base decisions on analysis of the significant characteristics demonstrated by proven high performers