EASI typology test and employee development

To improve development schemes, companies need a way to reliably reveal what motivates their employees, a method to identify potential talent, and means to improve communication. HR professionals around the world use EASI for personal coaching, collective employee development, conflict solving, typology testing, communication training, personal appraisal, leadership programs, etc.

Most companies know that motivating and developing their employees improves performance and enhances their potential for business success. Unfortunately, many HR initiatives result in little or no effect, mainly because they lack well-defined objectives.

Empower your employee development ventures

Now you can acquire the knowledge you need to launch your HR activities with optimal impact. With EASI typology test, you can quickly discover the performance drivers in your company and use them to shape and guide your employee development activities. Well-targeted HR development activity is the catalyst to all facets of business value in terms of improved performance, increased productivity, job satisfaction, smooth teamwork, and a healthy company culture.

All your assessment tasks in one place

EASI typology test and the Metis platform help you collect, store and utilize your typology data in efficient and smooth workflows. The typology test solution supports you every step of the way with user-friendly functionalities that make it easier for you, and your line managers, to prepare, execute, and successfully conclude a complete test and assessment process, ready for direct use in all types of employee development projects.

Read more in our brochure about how EASI typology test can help you to ensure high performance and increase productivity.

It is extremely valuable that employees at all levels see EASI as a comprehensible and practical tool, which is not overly complicated or theoretical.

Head of Learning & Development - Ascom AG

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