BRIGHT - Screen in the best people for excellent customer service

Getting the right customer service personnel is key to raising your overall customer satisfaction. Friendly, efficient customer service helps set a successful business apart from its competitors.

Use BRIGHT to screen in the best candidates quickly and efficiently when you recruit.

BRIGHT helps you
• Easily spot high-performing service personnel
• Save time and money by screening applicants before an interview
• Conduct more relevant job interviews with fewer candidates
• Cut down on employee turnover

BRIGHT saves your managers time and money by screening applicants for customer service characteristics even before they come for an interview. BRIGHT is an online test that measures the customer-service related attitudes and behaviors of potential employees.

Get the competitive advantage by offering great customer service
Does the job you need to fill require a person who is outgoing and friendly? Or is it more important that the employee is diligent and detail-oriented? BRIGHT lets you set specific attitude and behavior qualifications for the job, and focus on measurable service parameters.
BRIGHT was developed by psychologists, in cooperation with leading customer service companies. It screens potential employees in a non-discriminatory way by focusing on attitude and behaviors. BRIGHT can help you find the right person for the job the first time, lowering your employee turnover.

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We use BRIGHT when we hire security personnel, and work with our customers towards the perfect service profile.

HR Manager - Securitas A/S

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