ACE identifies potential for success through cognitive testing

Most jobs today are dynamic and adaptable. Companies seldom find, or even seek, candidates with knowledge and experience that already covers every corner of a job’s current and future task list. Instead, companies want people with potential - people who, through continuous testing, learning and reasoning, will develop their competencies, add business value, and take their position to new heights. This can be uncovered with cognitive testing.

Before hiring or considering further professional development of an employee, it is imperative to gauge their potential in relation to a job with cognitive testing. Therefore, HR professionals around the world use the ACE cognitive test in their work with screening, professional development, and training of future and current employees.

Look ahead and maximize the validity of your selections

Now you can ensure a reliable match between job complexity and employee potential. With cognitive testing, you can quickly evaluate a person’s aptitude for reasoning and learning in both novel situations and through formal training. The knowledge provided opens doors to a wide range of business value gains. Companies can recruit the right people, predict performance and job success, plan adequate training for employees, and optimize talent and career development.

ACE cognitive testing is easy to use

ACE (Adjustable Competence Evaluation) and the Metis platform help you collect, store and utilize your data in efficient and smooth workflows. It can be adapted to job relevance, assessment time, and precision level.

The solution supports you every step of the way with user-friendly functionalities that make it easier to prepare, execute, and successfully conclude a complete assessment process.

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ACE helps us measuring the applicant's logical analytical skills, numerically, verbally and spatially. Candidate feedback shows that ACE adds value and quality to the recruitment process. 


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