Metis ASSESSMENT platform offers SIMPLE and effective Employee and personnel testing for HR and managers

In today’s dynamic business environment, HR personnel and decision makers are constantly involved in making choices regarding the hiring and development of employees – choices that must be made quickly, safely, and within a cost-efficient framework. However, many companies traditionally work with multiple standalone systems and tools, and limited options for sharing information between assessment systems. This can result in long, tedious, and complex workflows, lack of overview and even loss of valuable information.

Metis – A single, efficient platform for tests and assessments

Now you can obtain some of the market’s most advanced testing and assessment system in a single, versatile, and easy to use platform. The Metis system brings together all key information from Masters powerful solutions, thereby providing a sound base for your decisions within personnel and employee testing and assessment.

The seamless and optimized workflows enabled by the Metis platform help HR personnel get their job done faster, reduce costs, and eliminate uncertainties in all processes related to the selection and development of your employees with a number of tools for testing and assessment of your employees.

Master offers a range of integrated HR solutions all running on the common Metis – the Human Resource information system - to ensure a shared workflow and a smooth learning process. When using Metis, you can expand your toolbox with new HR solutions as required, while still being confident that learning and implementation will not be expensive or time consuming. Metis links all important and relative information across the complementing solutions, providing complete data transparency.

Metis makes employee testing and personnel assessment easy

  • Users have one work-method for all solutions (easy to learn, easy to use) and all information in one place
  • Decision makers are provided with a reliable basis for decisions and a clear overview

Master empowers HR data analysis with a structured approach to testing and assessment of personnel that adds value, enhances quality, and ensures the highest impact of a company’s HR ventures.

An HR information and analysis system that extends to your company's needs

Master offers several standard solutions on the Metis platform, and additionally the powerful platform makes it possible to offer customized or specialized tests. The standard solutions are:

  • MPA Personality test, providing easy-to-use, market-leading personality profiles
  • EASI Typology test with Motivation and Communication part, and team analysis
  • ACE, a logical test discovering logical and analytical compentences
  • BRIGHT Service and Sales, measuring employee service-orientation in retail, transportation and service

Read more about the individual solutions below.

MPA personality testing For Employees and selection

Hiring the wrong person is not uncommon. Each time is costly, and can damage the company’s reputation along with the morale of its staff. HR professionals around the world use MPA, (Master Person Analysis) as a way to strengthen their business by hiring the right persons, and as a foundation for making informed decisions in career planning and other HR activities.

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BRIGHT - Screen in the best people for excellent customer service

Getting the right customer service personnel is key to raising your overall customer satisfaction. Friendly, efficient customer service helps set a successful business apart from its competitors.

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ACE - Identify potential for success

How can you evaluate your candidate’s potential for succeeding in a job? A person’s aptitude for decision making, reasoning and continuous learning is a highly crucial factor for job success.

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EASI – Know how to motivate and develop

Do you know how to best motivate and develop your employees? Learn how you can quickly see what motivates your staff, identify potential, and help improve communication.

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