Our references clearly demonstrate that Master's HR solutions have earned international recognition as practical and valuable additions to recruitment and development processes in companies across Europe. Read what customers say about how our solutions create bottom-line value in terms of investing in the right people, enhancing employee performance, and boosting company growth.


We have vast experience in providing the right tools for companies from almost any line of business throughout Europe. Our consultants will be happy to discuss ways to bring our expertise together with your unique requirements and challenges to create real business value.

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For years Puustelli kitchens have been market leaders. Our present and future success is all about providing service and quality to our customers. The source is our people.

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Poolia uses ACE in selection

Poolia performs placement assignments for all kinds of organizations. They have been using Master solutions as part of their recruiting procedures for a number of years, and have recently included ACE on Metis in their selection business.

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Using EASI in Ascom

For years, the international communication technology provider Ascom AG has been relying on Master's solutions in their selection process. Recently, they expanded their line-up to also include EASI for employee development and manager training.

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Identifying high performers in Puustelli

Learn how Master's solutions and rethinking of the HR information value chain has helped international organizations like Puustelli to improve HR value creation and get a better workflow.

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